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Residential Design

Lifestyles are changing around the world. Burgeoning technologies, changing values, crossing cultures and economies are influencing how we live and ultimately, the places we live in.We design environments that complement the ever changing ways the world adapts. While each residence is unique in terms of location, density and character, they all share a common thread.

Each design is structured in an appropriate interpretation of the occupant’s culture and lifestyle.

Villa design in Surat by Interior Designer starting with a creative Ideas, Sketches, to become as a 2D Plans and then will be converted to 3D Perspectives and 3D Animations, We will be handling all the design and executions of all types of villas in Surat-Gujarat, Even if its a residential villa or a commercial villa you can be absolutely sure that you will become more than happy and satisfied by using our villas interior design services.

Residential Design
School Design

University or Schools specially in Surat had a lot of specific needs and requirements when it comes to establish a base and layout as well as the interior design and business decorations that would serve and stand for a long period of time by cutting and reduce the maintainace costs to the lower amounts possible, Interior Design of Universities and Schools in Surat by Interior Designer and enjoy more than 4 years professional experience in the educational interior design field.

School Design
Institutional Design

The arena of Institutional planning is enormously multifaceted. The functions and scales differ as per the requirements and the demands of the project. The space planning is (usually) generous as the number of occupants is usually large, in most case, with a high volume of space.

Since the features of institutions like schools, colleges, libraries, professional associations, and career courses are repetitive in functions, the designs thus formed are more disciplined and organized. This brings down the planning skills to be competent enough in breaking the monotony using various design techniques like forms, textures, colours, and introduction of new concepts without breaking the structural sequence.

Signage and graphics too play an important role. Our design sensibilities have been constantly evolving. Thus, we see a continuous and visible transition from previous orthodox styles to a new revamped and contemporary feel that we lend to our institutional projects.

Institutional Design
Hospitality Design

Having the Design and supervision experience in the field of Hospitality design, we are pleased to provide any required related Interior Design services such as Hospitals, Medical Centers, Laboratories, and Clinics. All designed to provide the best Form and Functions according to your needs, Whether it was Classical, Modern, Minimalism or even Art Deco Design, We are pleased to offer The Design & Finishing for your needs.

Hospitality Design
Commercial Design

Every Commercial, Retail and Public destination is a community in which each component is an opportunity to connect with people. Using an integrated approach that affects everything from strategic positioning to tenant planning as also environmental graphics, we shape unique influences into rich customer experiences at every turn.

When it comes to the Offices interior design and layouting, Interior Designer becomes your best choice to deal with as per our professional experience in the offices interior design field and all the requirements to establish the best accessible and unique designs for your commercial office in Surat to become one of the uniques offices designed by Interior Designer team of creative.

Commercial Design
Furniture Design

Each year Surat hosts one of the most known Exhibitions, like Index or Cityscape so if you really care about your ROI and would like to show out of the crowds let us design your exhibition stand in Surat and watch your business grow and get noticed by getting a unique design for your stand, Surat important events and exhibitions even if it's once a year it deserve to give your business the push it requires to success.

Furniture Design

About Us

Welcome to 'Interior Designer' website, thank you for visiting us.

We are an Interior Design and Decoration Constructions company based in the Surat-Gujarat, offering you and all the visitors of our website with creative interior design services built on more than 8 years of experience in the classic decorations.

We are offering a interior design solutions for small to large sized companies as well as individuals in the Gujarat, whether you are in Surat, Navsari, Ubhrat, Kamrej or even the other emirates you can be absolutly sure you will get the best design services in the whole town, 'keeping in mind' within the required time frame.

We are specialized in classic style, art decorations and decorative paints, our team of expert and creative designers, artist, and hand drawers have more than 8 years of experience in the classic decorations style and interior design in general.

Our area of expertice includes but not limitied to Interior Design in general: Space Planning, 2D Layout, 3D Perspective or 3D Animations Virtual Reality | Gypsum Works: Ceiling, Partitions, and Gypsum Decorations.. as well as all kinds of Wooden works, furniture Design, Hand Drawing and Professional creative Ornaments: whether it's an Islamic or Italian Style.

No matter what you are up-to design, Interior Designer can handle it... whether you have a villa, office, university, hospital, clinic, shop, store, exhibition, or even a full Tower in Surat-Gujarat. That you want to decorate or improve it using the Interior Designers Ways ! then you are just one step away of enjoying and living a whole new life style, just by letting us decorate your property.


Role of Vastu

Vastu is the bridge between man anggtrd nature. Everything is made up of basic five elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. All These elements are found only on earth, and that is why it is the only planet that supports life and nature. If the residential and commercial buildings are constructed without any regards to these elements, then no benefits will be attained. Each of the five basic elements give us a precious gift from the powers of the universe.

All materials in the world, irrespective of their size, shape, colour, physical or chemical compositions have embedded their origins from one of the ‘Panchbhootas’. They all enjoy a peculiar vibration level, which evades the intelligence of human beings.

The Vastu science is based upon the laws of nature. The equilibrium we observe in nature is easily perceivable by us in all moving bodies, but unfortunately we are unable to note this equilibrium in static bodies. The basic source of energy of the whole world is stored at the North and South poles. It flows uninterruptedly from the North Pole to the South Pole in the form of magnetic waves. Therefore Southward portion of every building should be higher than the northward portion, in order to avoid any hindrance to the flow of magnetic waves.

Our ancient Vastu Shastra has been founded in such a way, that the inmates can derive maximum benefits from sun-rays and the energies of the sun like heat light, UV rays – the only reliable source of Vitamin D (Vitamin D is absorbed by the blood directly when the bare skin is exposed to sun), which is vital for sustenance of life on earth.

Uttaraayana and Dakshinaayana are of great scientific importance since daytime will be more than the night time in the Uttaraayana facilitating availability of more sun light.

The Eastern direction assumes a great significance because morning sunrays emit more light and less heat, hence is the best. In the afternoon, the sun moves towards West, and emits Infrared rays, which are detrimental to health. Thus, due to all these reasons, it is explicitly laid down in Vastu Shastra that more open space, more windows and doors fixed, more balconies and verandahas should be provided towards the East and the North side, than in the South and the West side.

The most important aspect considered while formulating Vastu Shastra is the magnetic field of the Earth, which has significant influence on the human life. The human body itself acts as a magnet with the head, the heaviest as North Pole. If the head is directed towards the North while sleeping, the North Pole of the Earth and that of the human body repel each other affecting the blood circulation, causing disturbed sleep, tension and other problems. Thus, it is said by Vastu Shastris that one should not sleep facing his head towards North. .

Open Plot Vastu
  • Bore wells or ponds should be at North East of the Plot.
  • The entrance door should be on the Eastern on Northern side (please refer to the Vastu Mandala).
  • The highest point of the plot should be on the South West corner of the plot.
  • The plot should slope from South West towards the North East.
  • The plot projecting towards the South-West is considered bad.
  • Shape of the plot should preferably be rectangular between 2:3 & 1:2 proportions.
  • The highest point of the structure should be on the South West.
  • The centre of the structure is called Brahmasthana and should be open to sky.
  • Two opposite doors should not be staggered and should be in the same line.
  • The number of doors, beams and columns should be in even.
  • The number of steps should be in odd figures. i.e. 11, 17, 23, 29 etc.
  • There should be no openings or windows on the South West corner.
  • Temple should be on the North East Corner.
  • Clear the heights of floors in the structure to be preferably 8' 0", 10' 0" etc.
Office Vastu
  • The Senior executives/ managers/ directors should occupy South-West direction, (considered the best), West & South Zones.
  • The middle management cadre staff should be placed in the North & East zones.
  • The field staff should be placed in the North-West Zone.
  • The accounts staff/ engineering staff/ artist should be placed in the South-East zone.
  • Reception/ Visitors/ Temple/ Drinking Water etc. to be arranged in the North-East zone.
  • Staff should sit facing North or East directions.
  • No beam should run above heads of the staff or their seating positions.
  • The North East corner should be empty.
Residential Vastu
  • No beam should run above the bed.
  • The master bedroom should be in the South West corner and the bed should be on the southern wall.
  • The bedroom for sons should be in the East or South East corner and bed should be on the southern or eastern wall.
  • The guest bedroom or the daughter’s bedrooms should be in the North-West zone.
  • Family members should face East or North in living and dining room.
  • No furniture should be kept within 8 Feet or door height of the entrance.
  • The dining table should be square or rectangle shape and not in hexagonal shape.
  • A 6" offset should be left from the door to wall.
  • The refrigerator should not be placed in East or North side of the room.
  • The computer should be placed in the South-East zone.
  • The study should face the eastern or northern wall.
  • The staircase should be facing South or West.
  • The bed should not be in the extreme North East corner and head should not be on South or East.
  • It is advisable to not have the mirror exactly opposite the bed.
  • The wardrobe area should be raised and preferably be placed in the South West corner of the room.
  • The North-East corner should always be empty.
With so many different styles and materials, how do I choose the right product?

There is no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" product, just the product which is best suited for your requirement. Therefore, it's a good idea to identify the requirements of your project first, then you can let yourself wander among the wide range of designs and colours, and select relying on your taste.

What is the most suitable product for outdoor laying?

For outdoor laying it is necessary to use tiles which absorb less than 0.5% water, "fully vitrified" according to international standards. All of the products in Naturgress, Irisgress and Irisstone, with water absorption of 0.04%, are completely frost-resistant and covered by a 50-year warranty, even for outdoor use.

Can floor tiles also be used for walls?

Yes, if the correct laying methods are used.

Which collections do you recommend for commercial installations?

All of the collections in Naturgress, Irisstone and Irisgress porcelain tile are covered by a 50 year guarantee against tread-wear, frost and stains, under any conditions of use.

What are the tiles made from?

Ceramic is primarily made up of clays, quartziferous sands, glass substances and other minerals.Only natural raw materials are used, mixed with water and fired at high temperatures to create a naturally beautiful product and to achieve hardness and durability.

What is porcelain tile?

Made from special clay minerals, porcelain tile (or porcelain stoneware tile) is a highly-resistant ceramic product with a solid structure and a hard surface which doesn't absorb water (classified as impervious), doesn't stain, and isn't affected by wear and tear over time. All of the wall tiles and flooring in Naturgress, Irisstone and Irisgress are covered by a fifty-year guarantee against wear, frost and stains, under any conditions of use. Moreover, glazed porcelain tile requires lower maintenance than natural stone, granite and marble.

Are ceramic products environmentally-friendly?

Ceramic tiles are made from natural raw materials using the most up-to-date technology for safe-guarding the environment. Iris Ceramica has obtained both ISO 14001 and EMAS registrations which relate to eco-management,and periodically provides a statement of its environmental performance and its improvement programme. In 2004 the company's environmental commitment was awarded with the ANAB-IBO-IBN accreditation mark, reserved for materials approved to be used in sustainable architecture, for its Naturgress porcelain floor tiles.

Do tiles deteriorate over time?

Ceramic is a natural material with a natural composition which becomes resistant when fired at very high temperatures. This process, however, can cause slight differences in the shades of colour and in the actual dimensions of a tile between one batch and the next. Therefore, tiles are grouped before packaging according to their shade and their calibre. These are then indicated on the label of every pack.

What are the advantages of ceramic floor and wall tiles?

Ceramic products are natural, beautiful, versatile, lasting, resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

What are the advantages of porcelain tile?

The wide range of colours and textures, along with an accurate recreation of the look of natural stones, granites, slates, travertine, limestone, marbles, quartzite, terracotta and even wood and metal, combined with the low maintenance of ceramics and the technical properties of a hard-wearing material which is resistant to all weather conditions, chemical attack, scratches, stains, fading, heavy loads and fire.

What are the advantages of glazed ceramics?

The beauty and variety of colours, designs and decor made available by glazed tiles has always been one of the most valued qualities of ceramic products in general. The glaze also makes cleaning easier and hygienically more effective.

Glazed porcelain tile combines the aesthetical qualities and the ease of maintenance of ceramic tiles with the durability and surface hardness of its vitrified porcelain body, suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, indoors as well as outdoors.

Are ceramic products more or less expensive than other flooring materials?

Ceramic tile prices are competitive, especially if you take into account more than just the initial expenditure: adding up the cost of materials, installation, maintenance and possible repairs or replacements, ceramic tiles are the most economic material for floor, wall and façade covering.

Do ceramics require maintenance?

Only a minimum of effort is required to keep surfaces in good condition, due to the fact that glazed wall tiles and flooring are resistant to dirt and are not porous. If laid correctly and washed regularly with plain water, ceramic flooring will maintain the appearance and the specifications of the product over time, just like it was when installed. Furthermore, glazed porcelain tiles involve less maintenance than natural stones and marbles.

Can tiled surfaces be protected simply using common methods?

Or is special treatment necessary?After they have been laid, ceramic products do not require special treatment or cleaning with particular detergents. Protection against abrasive dirt in entrance areas and against possible falling objects in the areas close to working surfaces is advisable, by means of floor mats. We also suggest that you pay particular attention to protecting newly-laid flooring until all construction or remodelling work has been completed.

How do you calculate the quantity of tiles that you need to order?

Once the surfaces in question have been measured, we recommend that you increase the amount required by ten-fifteen percent to allow for waste from laying and future repairs.

Which collections do you recommend for commercial installations?

All of the collections in Naturgress, Irisstone and Irisgress porcelain tile are covered by a 50 year guarantee against tread-wear, frost and stains, under any conditions of use.

Interior design

Welcome to 'Interior Designer' website, thank you for visiting us.

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